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We wish all the Poshpets babies the very best in their New Homes


Poshpets Bagheera, Colonel Hathi & King Louie

Chocolate colourpoint boys


Poshpets Pemberley, Manderley & Glenbogle

Golden tipped kittens


Stitch's babies 2006


Fleur's 'Wasps' 2007


Poshpets Baloo

Blue colourpoint boy


Poshpets Samba & Charleston

Cream boys


Poshpets Bagheera &Akela

Chocolate colourpoint & Lilac tabby colourpoint kittens


Poshpets Seventh Heaven

Lilac tabby colourpoint boy


Kondasary's Silvia & Poshpets Angelica

Blue tabby colourpoint kitten


My Mum and all the Poshpets babies


Poshpets Carte Noire leaving home

Seal colourpoint boy


Poshpets Leopardsbane - AKA Percy

Blue tabby colourpoint boy


Poshpets Baloo - again!


Esme's Babies


Sofi's boys


Granddaughter Izzy & the 'Wasps'


Stitch's babies


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